Dr. Warsito: Pioneering Cancer Detection Tools and Transforming Lives

Dr. Warsito’s journey began with a passion for science and a desire to improve the lives of cancer patients. His academic trajectory included intense training and study, which served as the foundation for his future undertakings.

Dr. Warsito’s achievements have not been overlooked. Collaborations with various academic institutions and medical organizations have increased his technology’s global reach. His work has gained him awards and acclaim, establishing him as a global leader in the fight against cancer.

According to Dr. Warsito, for innovators, if there is an opportunity, it is advisable to pursue a career abroad first.

“Menurut Dr. Warsito, bagi para inovator, jika ada kesempatan sebaiknya berkarir di luar negeri.”


Agung Pambudi
Agung Pambudi
Data Science | T-Shaped | Lifelong Learner | Sightseer

My research interests include Data Science, Data Mining, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.