Agung Pambudi 伟大的父亲 ☕️

Agung Pambudi 伟大的父亲

Data Science Enthusiast | Academics | Lifelong Learner | Traveler

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As a data science enthusiast, I use three fields — mathematics, statistics, and computer programming — to generate insights from the data. My domain of expertise is finance and business. I also study human psychology to learn more about how people think.


The six-course certificate program was created by Google to give IT workers in-demand skills, such as Python, Git, and IT automation, so they may enhance their careers. They should have a solid foundation in using Git and GitHub, troubleshooting and debugging difficult issues, and applying automation at scale using configuration management and the cloud.
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Write Python code to conduct statistical tests like the T test, ANOVA, and regression analysis. Python programming may be used to compute and illustrate descriptive statistics. Analyze the statistical analysis results after performing hypothesis testing.
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It includes subjects related to data structures (such as hash maps, stacks, and queues) and algorithms (such as optimal solutions).
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It covers subjects including SQL pivots, query optimization, data modeling, and indexing.
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It goes through things like receiving data from an API, utilizing parameters, and paging.
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Data Analyst
Data Scientist
Machine Learning Engineer